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Old Ned

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This morning I spoke with a mate who was intimately connected with Giant in the 90's. He reckons that Giant never had their own CX team but there was a team local to their base in Nottingham that they sponsored for a season or two. Mainly local Notts area riders managed by a 'well known' person in the bike trade.

Your frame has come out well after the respray. Any photos of it complete?


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Thanks Old Ned for the history info.

Lots of things got in the way of this bike but finally getting some time to build it up. Wheel build is nearly finished.

I was going to go with a 1x8 drivetrain using the bar end shifters but have recently been doing more day rides mixing up road and bridleways/byways so realised that close gears (for the road and the occasional cyclocross race) and a wide range (to cover on and off road) would be better. I'm sticking with the 8 speed bar ends, so gone for a 11-28 8 speed cassette, and a 28/40 chainset using the inner and middle positions of a Spa Cycles TD-2 Triple crank.

Interestingly the weight difference of my 2 options is not that great:
1) Spa TD-2 175mm crank + 28T steel chainring + 40T 7075 chainring + all bolts + UN55 BB + front mech + 11-28 8 sp cassette + gear cable = 1.45kg
2) SRAM S-series 175mm GXP crank + 38T narrowide + bolts + Hope BB + 11-34 8 sp cassette = 1.20kg, or 1.32kg with an 11-40 8 sp cassette. The 1x options would probably also need a goatlink or similar (~20g).

I've been looking at the best front mech I have to use with these chainrings. I've got a FD-MT60, FD-1056, and FD-M770 for comparison. The profile and length of the outer plate of the cage is almost identical for all 3 of them, however the MTB mechs have a much lower inner plate, which I think will work better. I'll start with the FD-MT60 and see if it works.