Rhygin Stainless Steel Columbus Metax Juke SS Frame


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Rare 1998 Rhygin Juke SS Metax Stainless Steel Columbus Metax Frame, size Medium $375

Frame is used but structurally fine, see condition description below.
• Serial number 588; there is also a name etched under bottom bracket
Columbus Metax stainless steel tubing (see pic)
Henry James dropouts (see pic)
• Frame is used, but not in more than 15 years
• Some cosmetic finish scratches, spots, cloudiness
• Decals are missing or in poor shape
• Includes original brochure and documents (old & coming apart at binding)
• Original price on the price list was $1300 for the frame (see pic)

Note: The pictures show the frame built up with some parts, but this listing is ONLY THE FRAME. I already sold most of the parts here on Retrobike.

This was my dream project bike when I was young, then I moved to a new city, and everything sat in storage.

The frame is closest to a Medium, or 16.5" center-to-center seat tube, 17.625" center-to-top (measured by hand). I am 6 feet tall with a 32-inch inseam and got the bike to fit me. I think I am near the upper height limit for a rider. It is between a M and a M/L in Rhygin's Mountain Sizing -- it might actually be an exact M, but SS frames were custom sized at no extra charge. I will include the brochure with sizing and promotional literature for the bike.

A Boston builder, no longer in business, who offered a full line of high-end bikes in the 1990s, including models with expensive Metax stainless steel frames. Made in USA.

Frame is straight and structurally intact, free of dents and cracks. There are cosmetic imperfections in the satin finish: some duller spots, some fine scratches -- see the photos. There was electrical tape wrapped around the chain stay to protect it. I removed the tape but it left residue that I could not remove entirely with simply soap and water. You can still see the spiral wrap pattern if you look closely at the photos. Possibly these imperfections could be polished out with 3M pads, or by using a rotating polishing tool with the appropriate attachments, but I do not know. The frame could be bead-blasted again, even polished to a mirror finish (a $75 option originally, see price list). (My plan when I picked up the frame was to use a stencil to mirror-polish the Rhygin logos into the head tube and down tube against the satin finish.)

Decals are in poor to fair condition, wrinkled and peeling, see pictures. I left the Metax and Rhygin decals on the frame only for historical reasons.

Not included
No parts are included. This listing is only for the frame! I took the pictures while parts were still on the frame, but this listing is ONLY for the frame.

Frame is already packed in a 40" x 6" x 29" box, at 9 pounds. To estimate shipping costs you can use Bikeflights.com (or the carrier of your choice). Origin postal code is 45406 , for Dayton, Ohio USA. Buyer pays all shipping.



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Hotwheels.":yb8qwpwa said:
I have a Metax tubed frame, lovely things they are.
Thanks, they are nice -- the thinner elegant tubes, all metal. My fantasy when I got the frame was to have no decals at all, but instead mirror-polish the Rhygin geometric sun logo into the head tube against the satin finish (and maybe the word Rhygin in the into the down tube). It was a period-correct project -- I remember I wanted it to look like a CD/DVD, with the mirror graphics against the matte finish, so that you could only make out the design if it caught the light just right. I've since seen stainless frames like that with polished graphics at bike shows. Work and other obligations took me away from the project.


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Hello J.Coenia,

Am possibly interested in this, pending studying a few technical details.
1. size / geometry (need to compare with an a much loved and ridden frameset that has reached end-of-life)
2. go read a review I remember on this frameset featured in Bike Magazine circa 1998

Thanks for the comprehensive advert , info, and link to shipping facility, much appreciated.


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P.S. if (unlikely) the Bike Magazine review is unknown to the forum happy to scan and offer for the archives


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Hi BikesYay, I never sold the frame. It's still available! Also, thanks tangent and caemis -- I didn't see your posts last year.