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Prices are PP-Gift or add on the fees, + postage signed for to a UK address or ask for overseas shipping quote. Questions via PM. First to PayPal gets it. Happy to combine shipping savings.

For Sale -

WTB Long sleeved T shirt in XL (prob 44-46in chest ), original early 90s worn only a few times. Amazing coloured logo. £55 Pics to follow.

Syncros NOS ( BNIB with instructions etc ) 2nd Gen Hinged rare 1inch Aheadstem 130mm flat £100 PPG Shipped to UK address

SS7 Levers ( so smooth and comfy ) mint almost NOS cond £55

Same spec as above lightly used in ex cond ( just minor marks easily touched up ) missing steerer expansion bolt and correct cap £50 PPG Shipped to UK address

Syncros Cattle prod 1in quill stem with noodle 140mm flat ( hard to find ) £125 -

Suntour XC Pro pedals, spin smoothly, low miles, cages edges are gouge and scrape free, a classic bombproof design £120 - see pics

Nitto silver riser bar B809.cross uncut, 25.4 bar clamp, fitted for one ride - mint cond £40 ( paid £70 a few months ago ) see pics

Ringle Moby Seatpost 29.4 turquoise clamp system and logos at top in good ano shape but the post itself needs partial reanodisation ‘if’ you want perfection with lots of post showing. Need back what I paid £75 + £5 signed for shipping - see pics

SRAM GripShift X Ray original shifter set with cables, Shimano 8sp compatible NOS in packaging £60 - see pic

Selle Italia Genuine Gel saddle no rips or tears turquoise/blue suit blue green frame build £35 - pics to follow

Syncros 24T silver holey inner ring BNIP a piece of jewellery really NOS £50 - pics to follow

Ringle Zooka 130mm black 1in threadless stem Ti bolts on plate ( no top cap but CK one looks better) mint £145/ now £125 - see pics

USE suspension black seatpost, works very well £35 - pics to follow

Syncros 29.4mm post black genuine orignal 425mm £120

Manitou 3 complete fork v low miles check the mint stanchion condition with 132mm 1” threaded steerer or 1 1/8th threaded 186mm steerer. It works for a heavy rider but could use fresh elastomers from seller on here £225 ppg + shipping

Manitou 3 complete fork less adjuster knobs and elastomer skewer. Has springs installed. Spares or repair £80 PPG + shipping ( may find missing parts and relist later )

More to come,


All the following are SOLD

Syncros Cattle prod 1in quill Stem ( v hard to find ) with noodle 120mm light rise tbc £125 - see pics

IRD as above but 26.4mm in black and original but clamp squeeks a bit when you ride - solution use the two top clamp pieces of a USE post but presents well £85 - pics to follow

Ringle Zooka 130mm turquoise 1 1/8th threadless stem Ti bolts on plate + top cap mint £145 - see pics

Mavic 217 NOS 32h pair of Sunset rims ( never laced ) Much harder to find in 32h drilling. Imported from US. Things of beauty for a
special build £250 PPG + tracked shipping or collection pref but will be packaged up to protect them. - SOLD ebay

Diacompe SS7 brake levers NOS with a few teeny tiny marks from storage £35 - SOLD RB

Salsa Roller stem 1in 130mm mid rise £150 ( hard to find) - pics to follow - SOLD

Answer Hyperlite black. In great shape, no sun fading and just lite marks from use in installation and mostly hidden underneath components when fitted. 544mm in total ( 8mm cut off ea end ) and both ends are clean, uncrimped by bar ends. £60 PPG + shipping - SOLD

Manitou Crown threadless steerer 1” new 330mm uncut US import £70

Avid Arch Supreme CNC brake levers and V brakes. Silver with extra springs custom made in Canada included. The most powerful and coolest v brakes ever made. Never fitted by me in the end. Hard to find in this mint cond with original boxes, instructions and cleaning cloth. £450 for the full set inc extra hard to find spares ( CK cone tool removes the bearings but isn't included ) shipped & tracked - see pics

Syncros handlebar, end caps and steerhorns from early 1992 £50 + shipping

IRD seatpost original from the mid 80s 26.6mm easy belt sander job to polish it down to 26.4mm its in great shape and presents well - £150 - pics to follow - SOLD

Cook Bros RSRs 176mm in excellent condition, light heel rub, threads and tapers are perfect. I include the genuine matching Cook Bros caps £250 PPG + shipping - SOLD

IBIS ANCOTECH Ti handlebar 560mm uncut, clean decal mint cond and mint 1 1/8th IBIS stem 130/5mm slight rise - rare combo £135 now £125 ! no splits on this. Combo really matches brushed Ti or alloy frames well - All Sold

Bullseye Patriot ( red white & blue) rear hub 32h 135mm MTB spec and Goldtec Patriot front hub NOS 32h 100mm - would suit a US themed cruiser or klunker style build :cool: £105 PPG shipped to UK. These are SO rare £300 + shipping + import new. Pick up a tester of white car wrap for 50p on ebay and cover the front hub center barrel ;). Build something cheeky with these :xmas-big-grin:

Answer Hyperends in rare Turquoise, nice clean cond, no bad gouges just light signs of use, bright no noticable fading £45. now £40 - Sold

SOLD below -

Club Roost GS2 Riser bar, mint low miles cond, uncut 680mm, few tiny fitting marks but decals/paint easy 9.5/10 £20 PPGift inc shipping to UK address

PACE canti boss clamps mint £27.50 30mm diamm. Converts other forks as well as PACE - Sold

Syncros 26.4mm seatpost, rare 425mm version FAT Chance Wicked size later model version. Ex cond, tight clamp, no slippage or squeeks. Some light ano fade at lower levels but this will be in the frame unless you are a freak ! £75 PPGift shipped to UK - Sold

Cook Bros Racing RSR cranks 3DV rare 180mm 110BCD Threads and tapers are clean. Longer cranks give you more torque on climbs. £130 PP Gift shipped to UK - Sold

Mavic Sunset 217 32h pair of used rims £75 Shipped - Sold

X-Lite L168 Stem 135mm reach low rise, no cap ( as i got it ) £60 - Sold

Syncros NOS quill stem 11/8th 150mm reach flat - no quill bolt - Sold

Nitto quill ‘fillet brazed’ beautiful mint cond 80s retro stem in gunmetal 150mm reach ~ 10deg rise in reality around 135/40 mm reach with internal cable routing. So neat and ideal for a steel bike from the late 80s. £45 - SOLD


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Re: Back into the Wild Sale

Is it just the bolt missing on the Syncros? if it's got the wedge etc. then I'm very interested.

Si F


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Re: Back into the Wild Sale

LongboardSi":1x9yn3tu said:
Is it just the bolt missing on the Syncros? if it's got the wedge etc. then I'm very interested.

Si F

Alas no wedge but surely not too hard to find. I can have a dig through my boxes to find one but it wont be Syncros. Hows £12.50 shipped to UK as is ? :xmas-wink:


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Re: Back into the Wild Sale

M-Power":2h7g919d said:
LongboardSi":2h7g919d said:
Is it just the bolt missing on the Syncros? if it's got the wedge etc. then I'm very interested.

Si F

Alas no wedge but surely not too hard to find. I can have a dig through my boxes to find one but it wont be Syncros. Hows £12.50 shipped to UK as is ? :xmas-wink:

OK - I'll PM you to sort details.

Si F


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Re: Nitto

What diameter steerer is the Nitto stem for please?

Interested in this if for 1”