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Re: Forks and Stem

Having found the frame I needed to find the forks and stem. I had some luck on the auction site having found a pair of 91 cromo blades but i really wanted the 92 ODSystem forks. I've always liked the bigger fork.

I've learnt with these builds that it's about patience, waiting for the right item to present itself and after many months of hunting these beauties appeared. These forks were even cooler having been repainted to match the pattern of the Alpinestars shoes of the early 90's and I would have loved to have seen the paint matched frame these were originally paired with.

Like so many people on here I'm a huge fan of the Klein paint schemes and their matched fuselage components and wanted to replicate the 'fuselage' for this build.

Originally you could have Alpinestars own stem/components but most were recalled and the few i've seen are either damaged or not for sale. But I wanted something cooler and there is a bit of an American/USA theme to the majority of the brands I want to use for this build.....so I tracked down this A-TAC stem indirectly from Scant, not a great colour but this didn't matter as it'll get painted.


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Re: Crankset

With the frame, forks and stem sorted it was now time to hunt down one of my most wanted items.......a Bullseye crankset.

I don't think I've ever seen a set come up for sale and looking back over previous sales I knew they were going to be expensive if I did find a set. I placed a wanted listing on the wanted page of this forum and by some luck I met Retrorider_IT, what a great chap. He had a set with all original bolts and original bottom bracket but the cranks were in desperate need of an overhaul. After a few emails we struck a deal and they were shipped in from Italy. Cheers Dude!!!!!

I'm so chuffed to have these cranks on this build, I'm a huge fan of the modern day hollowtech crankset, they are far superior to the traditional tapered axle design. And to think Bullseye had this design around the late 80's, well it has to be a patent thing that delayed its wide spread use?

However there were two key parts missing, axle spacer(s) and the Crank Keeper key which secures the non drive side crank arm to the axle. I'll share more on these parts in a later post.

As these cranks needed renovation I decided they would be painted in the same neon/fluro yellow as the frame.

If you're planning to follow this thread best you get a pair of sunglasses/shades ready. :cool:


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Re: 1991 Alpinestars al-mega

Looking good! As an avid Alpinestars fan and former owner of many ‘Megas’ as well as a Bullseye cranks fan, I am following with interest!

I hope that you manage to source correct replacement decals if fully repainting the frame. Those neon pink sections are hard to replicate!


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Re: small parts

The little things.

Similar to the early Yeti's the cable routing across the top tube requires bullnose ferrules. Now I have a set off a donor bike but they haven't aged well so I needed a replacement and came across Venhill: https://www.venhill.co.uk/cables-and-co ... e-f89.html they are slightly bigger than the originals but will do the job.

The donor bike also supplied me with the original Alpinestars seat clamp, front mech with FD-nut and a bb single cable guide.

I opted to get a new FD-nut from Synlos via his sale thread. He has been reproducing the front mech FD-nut and the Crank Keeper key for the bullseye cranks so I ordered both. Link here: http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=332892

Feeling good at this point that these little but important parts are now in my possession.


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Re: small parts

rawheelz":3c6jlwyj said:
For the benefit of others I also came across Synlos sale thread where he has been reproducing the front mech FD-nut and the Crank Keeper key for the bullseye cranks I mentioned in a previous post. Link here: http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=332892

Good shout on Synlos' sale thread, his is one I find myself re-visiting on a regular basis, especially when in search of unusual or hard to find 'bits'.

Look forward to seeing your build progress :cool:

P.S. I'd still like to buy your DX post! ;)


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Re: Bullseye and Mavic

With the Bullseye cranks in the bank I wanted a nice set of chainrings. I follow bicyclist.cc and saw via his Instagram page he had some nos Mavic 637 inner and outer rings in black and then I had an idea.....what if I could find a set of Bullseye hubs that I could pair with a nice set of Mavic rims to match the crankset combo :D

I bought the inner and outer ring and started my search for the Bullseye hubs. Digging deep through the Retrobike sale forum I found a set belonging to Ferry laced into Araya RM-17 rims with a Dura-ace screw on cassette, stunning wheelset but the rims were not what I wanted but we did a deal and the wheelset was acquired.

Looking around a certain auction site I found a pair of new Mavic 117 Ceramic rims, now I know they are more mid 90’s but still they are very nice with the etched make and model.

I dropped the wheels off with Chris at Gwent Cycles, Newport who rebuilt the wheels and I’m very pleased with the result. Chris has built and/or serviced every wheel I’ve owned over the last 20 years.

The rear Bullseye hub is awesome, it has spacers either side to allow for fine adjustment. I didn’t realise at the time how important this would be come.

I really wanted a set of Kingsbery MTB skewers for this wheel build to keep the USA theme going but they were very difficult to find at the time so back to Synlo’s thread I go to purchase the repro’ Ringle holey skewers in black… very, very nice!!!


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Reading with interest as I'm about to start one. Interesting that the headtube gusseted model was only single colour as I was really keen on doing the yellow into white thing. I might have to reconsider now.


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Re: Re:

lukewheels":z55fecw1 said:
Reading with interest as I'm about to start one. Interesting that the headtube gusseted model was only single colour as I was really keen on doing the yellow into white thing. I might have to reconsider now.
I’m not sure it was. I knew it was definitely a standard feature from 1992 onwards but I’m sure this was originally yellow and white so perhaps a late 1991.

I’m playing a little catchup with this build thread...there’s a repainted yellow and white al-mega in my study that I can’t wait to show. ;)