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Ok, so just joined up to ask a few questions, apologies in advance as I know nothing about bikes , this is to do with an old one I bought for my husband . We saw an old bike done up in a shop window abroad. It was an old raleigh , can’t remember the name if it now as it was a while ago and brain matter isn’t what it used to be. thought it would be a nice gift for hubby to get an old one and get it restored Found one on eBay that was close to home , an turns out it’s an old guy who’d had it from new when he worked in the dockyard , it was very battered but rideable. It Was beyond OHs capabilities to restore it so I checked out restoration places for a price to get it done for a gift for him . Had quote £700 - to over a grand for full resto , and was prepared to get it done but hubby said no it was too much. Anyway , local bike shop said they could do something with it and they knew a good sprayer who did vintage bikes , so they got the main stuff done and a good job on the paint work, even put some decals on, paid a little over £300 for the work which I thought was good . But thinking now , is it worth getting the chrome sorted and maybe a badge as the original wasn’t on there . Anything else that could be done to improve it ? Also a silly question but I’m sure the bike wasn’t a superbe, seem to remember doing research on it when we got it, but maybe it was? It was def dark green as it was the original colour.


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It may be just the photo, but it looks like the forks are back a bit. They were always very soft, but fairly easy to pull.
If you did as many bent forks and rear wheel tyre changes as I did in the 1950s on these you might dislike them as much as I do.