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Bert Ooesterbosh was Raleigh's time trial specialist and leadout man. He was the only Raleigh team rider to experiment with the latest Aero ideas... :shock:
This is Bert leading out the 1980 Tour de France team time trial..


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There are some interesting braze-on changes made to Bert's 'Aero' machine. The rear brake cable is running through 'Divers Helmets' along the top tube. There are no gear lever boss's on the down tube with the bar- end shifter cables running through the handlebars and then they appear to run underneath the top tube, where next is hard to see..??


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Back at the end of summer me and a couple of mates loaded the van with Retro Raleigh's, camping gear & beer heading off for the Retro Raleigh & Chopper Show at Billing Aquadrome and Water Park Northampton. The show luckily went ahead right at the end of the easeing of the lockdown and a great time was had by all. There was plenty of displayed bikes, stalls selling vintage parts, a bike auction, ride outs and show & shine competitions all with a really laid back and friendly atmosphere... everybody passionate about every type of Raleigh imaginable.
I was amazed at how many variations of the Chopper were built for different markets with some very rare versions... my favourite the Chopper Spirit with it's drop bars and skinny front wheel...proper aero.. :D


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One of the highlights of the Retro Raleigh and Chopper show was the Saturday afternoon 'Show & Shine' with two separate events. First up was the Choppers with various classes for the different Mk's followed on by the Retro Raleigh's and their various classes...never entered a bike into any competitions before so thought why not give it a go. On paying my entry fee for the road bike class my SBDU 753 Aero was parked into the arena to be judged. The judges did their rounds accessing all the beautifully presented machines and the runners up anounced, then to my shock and suprise my name came over the tanoy..Best Road Bike..☺

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Something I picked up at the show was this little SBDU Professional Team Burner BMX frame... It's super light for a BMX frame.
One of just only five ever made by the SBDU so it's also super rare. Like my 753 Aero it has underslung top tube cable guides which first made an appearance on the team riders frames for the 82 season. Another neat touch is the addition of the SBDU signiture capped seat stays..



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Hope theres another show this year 🤞
Over on a FB group page a couple of these showed up from their original owners , Holy grails in the Burner world 👊

Heres some of the comments and the frames -

They were made to order at the SBDU (Specialist Bicycle Development Unit) which was based on Bath Street in ilkeston , just outside Nottingham.

These bikes were Available to the public .. they were hand made by Gerald in the bespoke plant in Ilkeston beautiful frame sets few team riders raced them they were two small for Me when I rode for Raleigh... lovey bit of History ❤️... me personally would use what you have a lightly restore.. good luck with your project be lovely to see when you’ve finished it

This one is pretty Cool -
Here’s my sbdu Raleigh that was built for me just in the process of rebuilding it once I find all the original bits that I have scattered around


Just had a lightbulb moment with this ad below 👊

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Cheers Scooter, thanks for sharing all the information you have about these beautiful little SBDU frames..👍
I find it really interesting that each of the frames are slightly different...the gold one with capped seat stays...the chrome catalogue frame looks to be the same as the half built chrome bike with a ribbed seat stay cap as seen on early SBDU frames...the gold one with an extension of the top tube with seat stays attached underneath... and the 2nd prize frame looks very similar to the gold one though the seat tube and clamp doesn't extend quite as much. Thanks again for sharing your information, do you think this is the four out of the five that exist ?..I wonder what the number five looks like..

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