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Unfortunaly for me this virus has finacally ruined me now (being a self employed tattoo artist I can't work and the benefits system is a joke) so I'm having to sell some of the collection just to keep a roof over my head.

Firstly one of my Raleigh RSP DHO frames (from the year 2000). These are so rare I can't begin to explain. I bought this one with the intention of building her up but I just haven't so its time for her to go.
These are the last of the true RSP bikes and they make beautiful trail bikes now.
I know how rare these are and how well they ride, a true piece of British biking history, hence £750.

To match the DHO I have a again very very rare RSP 500. This is the dirt jump version they did to match the dho.
Again bought to ride but I never built this one up so again its time for it to go am afraid. £150.

Magura Quake C forks from the rsp 500. Having never rode the bike I can not comment how they ride but they seem fine. Would probably benefit from a service as they have been sat for around 2 years since I last looked at the bike. £80.

Magura Gustov M rear brake. A quality brake from back in the day. This one is for the rear. Needs bleeding and one of the screws on the lever for the reserviour will need drilling out as they came with stupid shallow screws. Not sure of the year am afraid. Untested as it needs bleeding. £55.

Magura HS33 front brake. Silver calipers and black lever. Works fine with plenty of pads left. £35.

Hayes solo brake set. Untested and not sure of the year. £50.

Hayes solo and Hayes nine brake set. Untested and unsure of year. £50.

Hopey brakes. 4 pots. Unfortunately one of the levers has some damage to the mount. Again untested but I think one of them is leaking at the lever hence I bagged up the calipers to stop any fluid getting on them. £65.

Brooklyn Machine Works Saddle. These are crazy rare and fetching some crazy prices on ebay!! If you remember Brooklyn Machine Works I raise a glass to you!! Slight damage (see pics) but still plenty of life left in this, but like the Raleigh's a real piece of biking history. £90 (less than half of what they are on ebay!!)

Raceface Prodogy xc cranks - isis drive. Used but plenty of life still in them. £45.

Truvativ platnum isis bb 68mm - not used in years but feels ok. £20.

I'll happily do a combined price if you want to buy it all or the Raleigh frames together.

Any questions I'll do my upmost to ask. I'm based near nottingham so ideally collection from around here but I can travel if needed and of course I'll post. The DHO is in storage in Manchester so either collection in person in that area or I'll collect it drop it off if between nottingham and manchester. Again I'll happily post the frames in safe wrapping and insured if you want.

Thank you for looking. Stay safe, and safe trails.



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more pics :D


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Put the saddle on the Brooklyn Machine works fan page on Facebook and those BMW bummers will give you £200 for it.


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Man the panicdemic has taken another livelihood and I wish you well.
And lovely lovely pair of frames - I wish I had the cash but in similar situation to you.


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Thank you Ibbz. I honestly hope things will get better but I just can't believe how bad this year has turned out. I just hope we don't start getting more localized lockdowns now. Fingers crossed for a better future for all now!


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He's not been on for about a month ibbz. I sent him a pm about the forks on 22/07 and it's still unread. Hopefully things have taken a positive turn for him.


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Re: Re:

Markybeau":18s96pxj said:
He's not been on for about a month ibbz. I sent him a pm about the forks on 22/07 and it's still unread. Hopefully things have taken a positive turn for him.
Thanks mate
I did PM him But no reply!
I was looking for a small hard tail - with disk mounts - going to break my RSP full susser - I was going to sell the parts but thought I’d keep the M95x group - the stem bars Magura suspension forks - sell the wheels brakes and get a frame.