Raleigh RSP 550 Titanium


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Hi, I've accidentally stumbled across this forum and how wonderful it is to reminisce. I'm looking for some help, please go easy as it's my first post.. My local bike shop had a racing team back in the 00's & issued Raleigh RSP 550's to their riders. Every year they replaced & sold the old bikes & I grabbed a bargain. I have ridden this bike non-stop for nearly 20 years and enjoyed every minute but earlier this year in an attempt to keep up with my buddies bought a 29er. The RSP now sits in the corner of the garage. Last time it was serviced (by the same bike shop) they wanted to buy/PX the bike from me. I couldn't at the time but time has come to let go and give someone else fond memories. Every time I go to the shop they can't stop telling me stories about the team, the bikes & relationship with Raleigh.
The bike is completely original except the rear tyre and works faultlessly.

Titanium forks
Magura forks
SRAM 9.0 gears
Shimano XT chain ring

I have an appointment with the owner this evening and they have asked me how much I want for it.. I have no idea and would really appreciate the thoughs of this forum.


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Hi and welcome

Ebay is pretty much the go to for bike pricing. Plenty of items sell through Gumtree and Facebook but theres no real way of seeing what something actually sold for. Asking prices can often be way off.

Looking at other RSP bikes and frames you would be looking at around £350 to £450.

Please note that the forks are not titanium!

Hope this helps.


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Its gone! for a very reasonable £485 part cash & part goods (2 helmets & new pair of shoes)
Thanks for your guidance..