Raleigh RSP 450 853


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They are stunning shots always something I have wanted to capture too will have to dig my camera out!!
Thanks mate - I’ve taken many more over the years. Spring is my favourite time of year.


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Remember picking up the Raleigh RSP brochure back in 1999 and seeing the RSP 450 853 and thinking wow!! What a bike since that day I have always wanted to own it many years later I was lucky to come across one complete and mostly original I just couldn’t let it pass. And after a few little jobs it was ready to take on its maidan voyage totally blown away with the quality and the turn of speed of this 20 plus year old xc machine View attachment 544164View attachment 544166View attachment 544167View attachment 544170
Hi, someone is selling one if these near me, I'm trying speculate as to the frame size, could i ask what size yours is? Thanks!