Raleigh record Sprint 12 aero 1986


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Hi all,,,,,New to the site so thought I'd log in and let you know what I'm up to

I'm restoring a Raleigh record sprint aero so 1986 version (less gold) it's in pretty good Nick but there are some broken parts and some that have been replaced with incorrect ones so I need wiennman gold cables,correct seat think it should be a selle turbo race,left side crank arm ,sugino gt,1 black curved plastic gear lever left side ,size 4 pump,and optional bottle cage ,all I've done so far is strip it down clean and 're grease so lots to do ,I do wonder if it would be cheaper to buy one that's finished or maybe a cheaper donor ,,,,,,does anyone know where I can get nos parts or anyone that might have the parts mentioned,,,,,,,look forward to hearing from anyone with advice,,,,,,,,,David.


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You could try London Fixed Gear and Single speed and ebay if nothing here. I had a 1990 RRS from new and used it rain, snow and shine for 11 years, less flashy than the previous gold versions but such a solid all rounder. I remember the original saddle with great fondness, right out the box it was brilliant and I did my first ever (ten day) tour only a couple of weeks after buying the bike and was a dream. Can't remember what it was but I replaced it with a la vie claire Selle Italia to jazz it up a bit.
Luck finding the parts