Raleigh Granada for Sale


Dirt Disciple
I have for sale a Raleigh Granada light touring 531, size 59.

The bike is stamped W K 5. Which is Workshop/Nottingham Raleigh Cycles.

This bike rides really, really nice. I went out on it yesterday and it still surprises me how nice it does ride. Reynolds 531 rides so different to carbon or aluminium in a positive way.

Raleigh Granada's are 531 tubing throughout. This bike at some point has had chrome forks added which I think must be 531 as the bike is actually very. I haven't weighed it, but it is light.

When I bought the bike it had been resprayed by the previous owner. Its an ok respray in a light blue. There are no specific areas on the bike where paint has run that is visible. The sloping main tube does have signs of spray paint run if you lift the bike up and look underneath.

The chrome forks are in very good condition. One side is excellent and one side had 2 or 3 small areas of pitting which are negligible. I have included this in the photos.

Wheels are Rigida Excel and are both in very good condition. They have gumwall tyres (although different makes).

Rear derailleur is the original Sachs-Huret and the front derailleur is also original Sachs Huret. The shifters are also Sachs Huret.

The Chainset is Raleigh Custom.

The brakes are the original Raleigh Weinmann centre-pull in great condition. The brakes levers are Tektro and look the right age for the bike (not original to the bike). Handlebars are Raleigh.

The seat is a nice Milremo.

The bike has a brand new bottom-bracket and new Jagwire cables.

Overall, this is a really nice bike for the price and whoever buys it is getting a steal. Parts alone are selling on ebay for twice the value of the bike as I'm selling it.

I'm in Hornsea and can post if you pay for the postage etc. Happy to arrange a meet for collection if a deposit is paid by Paypal.

Price - £175 ono.



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Retro Wizard
No idea, looks like a cheapy to me. Has it got cast or plate dropouts at the back? The photos are not detailed enough of the lugs and dropouts.
Also check the seatpost size - a 531 should have a 27.0 or 27.2mm post.

If it had the odd Raleigh 26tpi threads then it would explain why the fork got swapped as there are no spares available.


Dirt Disciple

Sorry but it’s deffo not as you say cheapy.

It’s 531 I will do some research

Cheep cheep


Retro Guru

+1 Hamster

Raleigh Cortina, perhaps?

I had one, they didn't have shifter braze-ons so that's correct. They also had an unusual cable stop/hanger on the seatstays like this.

IMAG0233 by Michael Clark, on Flickr

Wheels should be (Weinmann) 27 1 1/4", too.


Dirt Disciple


Thanks I have had another look and maybe not a Granada.

It’s definitely 531 as it’s extremely light and rides as expected.

I also have a Carlton carerra 531 which was a rebadged Raleigh and frame weight almost identical.

I might just sell the bike parts instead.