Questions from a noob about buying a Vintage road bike


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Hi guys! Although I have been riding a bike for as long as I remember, the closest thing to a road bike I’ve ever owned is a mtb. I am looking at getting a decent condition, used, vintage road bike (been looking at Puegeots quite a bit) to ride to work and get some more exercise. I know they’re not the best/lightest/fastest bikes out there but there seem to be some pretty decent bikes in the ~$300 CAD range locally. I’ve just got a few questions

  1. Are there any major downsides of getting an older bike? Is it very hard to find part if/when something breaks?
  2. Other than Puegeots, what are some brands I should look for or avoid?
  3. Are there any particular features I should look for (or avoid) in a vintage road bike?
  4. Pretty much any vintage I see for sale has drop bars, how hard is it to convert to bullhorns? I know the bar itself is pretty straight forward but more so wondering about the brakes, old VS modern parts.


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On Peugeots some have French thread on the bottom bracket and forks?
Go for 700c wheels .Try to avoid a helomatic free wheel on the back as they have French threads .
Later ones maybe better ..
The PX 10 is a cracking machine .


Fitting straight bars should not be a problem . Pull on old straight bar levers is not as good as modern levers imho .

Plenty of old parts on the net .
Not sure on what brands are available on your side of the pond . Pleanty of Raleighs ?

Which part of Canada are you {CAD ?}
I have been three times with the missus. It is a wonderful country .