Pulstar Hub freewheel options. Am I out of luck?


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Hello all, I wanted to ask as I have searched literally everywhere but haven't really nailed down a final answer. I have these Pulstar hubs that have a rear 7 speed freehub. Is it impossible on my end to remove and upgrade to a 8/9/10 freehub? I would love to keep them but working with a 7 speed setup isn't ideal for what I was hoping to use my build for. Any help would be much appreciated!


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marc two tone

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To be honest, i havnt cracked open a pulstar hub before. But, often the shimano ones do fit. It all depends on the spline interface at the back of it.
Itll mean, removing all the nuts, spindle, bearings etc...
Then see how the free hub is removed. More than likely a big ass hex key. 10, 11, 12mm etc....
Only once removed can you consider a swap out with something else.


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You may end up with dish issues...
Might be easier to build onto a new hub, and then you also have "zero" miles on it, so no wear on the bearings/freehub etc.
They're cheaper than you think, and probably a whole lot less faff and expense than trying a lot of freehub bodies and finding they don't fit



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Easiest solution is an '8 from 9' or '9 from 10' - leave out the smallest sprocket and the remaining ones will all fit happily onto the freehub body. Typically the second sprocket also includes the serrated area for a lockring. You will then get the benefit of the stronger wheel with less dish.


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Thanks elite504 and hamster. I totally understand about using old hubs. These just look great and I do like the keeping of period correct parts. Otherwise I would go with (and probably will so later down the road) with some Ryde rims and build up a dynamo setup. Really want to keep it silver rather than all the black offerings out there for 26. Think I'll do the 9 from 10 option for now!