For Sale ProQ Ranger BBQ Smoker 37cm With Accessories £300

Paul R

Senior Retro Guru
ProQ Ranger BBQ Smoker 37cm brand new unwanted gift. comes with 3kg Charcoal, hickory and cover £300

The ProQ Ranger is our smallest BBQ Smoker loaded with great functionality and capacity for your outdoor cooking experience. It's the ideal choice if you’re a beginner or simply prefer a more portable charcoal BBQ smoker perfect for fun camping adventures.

Our Ranger is the perfect BBQ for the patio cook and is sure to inspire!

The Ranger is our only smoker to feature a wok shaped water pan with a removable handle, perfect for live-fire stir frying.
  • Albeit a small and compact BBQ smoker, it's highly versatile that is sure to get you confidently grilling, roasting and creating great tasting smoked barbecue food all year round.
  • In-built lid thermometer and multiple vents allowing you to control your temperature with ease
  • Perfect size and capacity for singles, couples, small families, and great for camping and caravanning
  • Large range of accessories available to make your smoker even more versatile. It can be set up as a stacked BBQ smoker or a bullet BBQ. A small BBQ smoker with endless possibilities!
  • Thick, robust, porcelain-coated enamel walls for great insulation and durability in all weathers
  • Easy to clean and rust resistant stainless steel grills. The compact BBQ smoker Ranger is extremely durable.s-l1cxv600.jpgs-l16cgjn00.jpgs-l16df00.jpgs-l16f00.jpgs-l16g00.jpgs-l16sf00.jpgs-l16th00.jpgs-l160ft0.jpgs-l1600.jpgs-ldfh1600.jpg