Project Kona, 94 Fire Mountain


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Ok let me set the scene... its 1994, I'm in 6th form and just getting into MTB in a serious way with my Raleigh Outland, all my mates at college have "proper" MTB's....Cannondale's, Gary Fisher's Dyna Tech's one even had a Pace! Now most of these brands were so far away from what I could afford it was just insulting :oops:

But then one of the kids who I didn't know rode in on his new Kona Fire Mountain, which as we all know was not a high end bike, but it was a "proper" MTB! I was smitten! It looked really cool, the colour was a lovely metallic red, and most important it was attainable!

I never did buy one though, I ended up getting an Orange C16r a couple of years later, which I loved (no regrets there).

But the image of that Fire Mountain has stayed with me ever since, so when I saw a frame up for sale I had to.......

So the frame... its a bit tatty with lots of chips and scrapes and a bit of rust here and there, but it's straight, the threads are good and there are no dents. a good starting point.

I rubbed down the worst of the chips and rust patches, and painted with a metallic red enamel paint I had, unfortunately not a great match but it'll do to keep the rust out for now.

I decided this was not going to be original spec and I was going to go for up-spec-ing it, but with kit from the period and a few years after.

So today after a while acquiring parts I decided to get out in the sun and build it up.

I also (not today) built up my own wheels for this one, never done this before so will be interesting.... :shock: :LOL: :shock:

The final result is this:

(The blue post and saddle will be swapped when I get suitable replacements)

The two things that immediately surprised me were

1, How high the bars were! Kona's always give me the impression of being long and low, which is a style I like, but the bars on this are 2" higher than my Orange, and it's older by 3 years at least!

2, The reach, it was no way near as stretched as I'd expected.

I shall try it as it is, but may well opt for a different seatpost and stem combination to try and stretch/lower the position.



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Just out of interest (as the pics are not amazing)

Frame: 19" 94 Fire Mountain

Fork: Triple Butted Project 2

Headset: NOS Kona Control Centre
Stem: 125mm Kona Velocity (96? aluminium model)
Handlebar: Titec Enduro xc 585mm
Grips: Red Onza Porcipaws
Barends: NOS Control Tech Control Stix

Brakes: NOS Shimano XT BR-M737 Front and Rear
Brake Pads: NOS Shimano XT
Brake Cables: Clarkes
Cantilever cable hangers: Tektro style alloy
Brake Levers: Shimano STI M737
Brake Cable hanger: Kona

Shifters: Shimano XT STI M737
Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-M737 26.8mm band
Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-M737 with Alloy jockey wheels
Derailleur Cables: Clarkes
Cassette: NOS Shimano XT 11-28
Chain: Shimano IG70
Cranks: Shimano XT M737
Crank Bolts: No brand self extracting
Chainrings: Shimano XT 42/32/22
Chainring bolts: Shimano
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN52 (actually came in my Orange frame!)
Pedals: Shimano PD-M515 Spuds

Hub Skewers: Shimano XT
Rims: Ritchey Rock comp 32H
Hubs: Shimano M737 32H rebuilt with new balls!
Nipples: DT swiss Alu nips
Spokes: DT swiss revolution spokes
Tyres: Kona Scratch & Sniff
Tubes: Specialized

Saddle:Black Selle Italia Flite 1990 Titanium
Seatpost: Red USE 25.0 seatpost
Seatpost Binder: Kona

Weight: 25lb 12oz


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That looks smart.

If the seat post is as faded as it looks why not strip and polish it?


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that looks cool.ykt!
id like to dib the post and saddle depending on price, look good on my white and blue klein. don't mind faded post's for riding :D


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Very tidy.
Only suggestion I would make is a silver seatpost and black saddle, but its all personal perference. Looks a fun bike.


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zetecmk2":1swp4fsk said:
that looks cool.ykt!
id like to dib the post and saddle depending on price, look good on my white and blue klein. don't mind faded post's for riding :D

Agree neither of my bikes are garage queens, ride it!

I'll happily sell you the post and saddle, Saddle is a bit tatty I've tried polishing it up but the colour won't stay on it. Structurally its fine.

The post has some pitting lower down (it's 400mm) and there is a considerable rub mark on the rear towards the top (I'm guessing a Saddlebag) that has slightly worn into the alloy. I'll send you pics if you're still interested.

superstu":1swp4fsk said:
Very tidy.
Only suggestion I would make is a silver seatpost and black saddle, but its all personal perference. Looks a fun bike.

I've just got a slightly faded red USE post :D , and I ordered a black flite 1990 from CRC the other night only for the order to be cancelled due to no stock :facepalm:

If anyone has one of these in decent condition

I'll swap it for the one on this bike


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I have that stem in the same colour as yours now, butthe twin bolted cromoly one in 125mm length. I swapped it out for a 100mm alloy velocity one cos I was too stretched out, yours for 15 quid in good nick if you want it, just pm me


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That looks like a goodun! Job well done:)

What's the best price for those mags you have for sale? Lol


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Got the replacement Post & saddle, The USE post is faded, but I like the effect where the sticker was :D

Other than having to tighten the front hub cones a touch, everything seems to be working well, Very pleased with the wheels, they have stayed true even after being ridden and jumped off some steps :roll: :D


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I like the seat.
I have a slight aversion to trying to match too much red ano - the shades always clash so I would still prefer a silver seat pin! The USE one is very nice though. Glad the wheel building went well!