For Sale Proflex 857


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Proflex 857 Full Suspension Bike - one owner from new!. Very little used as shown still on original brake blocks and original panaracer tyres included as fitted the road tyres on it now. Upgraded with XTR Rear Mech and Noleen NR4 Shock from original supply. As well as original tyres (used), the manuals, original unused clip pedals and touch up paints and NR1 - not sure how good the paint will be now!
Any questions shout.
Looking for around £600.


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Can you reload the pics but as full Images though. So hard to see any detail at all.
Plus what wheels are they, what hubs? Seatpost,stem and saddle?


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Sure will when I get back to my PC. Just to say in the mean time every component on the bike is as supplied from new - even brake blocks, with exception of the tyres. It has road tyres fitted but the original supplied tyres are there with it.
selle Techno dynamic seat, original post not marked, pace stem, xtr rear mech, XT front mech, nr4 shock, magic 220 rims, XT levers and shifters, rear hub original shimano silent, all original cables and brake blocks, XT brakes, Gervinho elite front forks with nr2 black spring, carbon fibre rear swinging arm, fitted neatly new schwalbe silent tyres - off bike original Patna racer tyres, original manuals and touch up paint, original sealed clip less pedals.


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Also has original frame/fork bump guard - missing on most that I see!
Owned from new with very little occasional pleasure use mileage On roads or canal paths only.