PRO carbon 445 fork: V-brakes?


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Does anyone have experience of this fork? I picked one up in a swap deal, hoping to fit it to my On One Inbred.

Interestingly, it was sold as a Shimano fork, but there's no Shimano branding on it anywhere. Google reveals a number of mentions of it as a Shimano part, which is a little mystifying.

Anyway, I assumed I'd be able to prise out the rubber bungs on the V-brake brackets and fit pivot posts (which I've ordered already). I've seen pictures on the web of the same fork with the posts in place. On trying to prise out the rubber plugs, though, I've found them pretty resistant, as if they're not designed to be removed. And the brackets should have three holes for the little locater post (sorry, don't know the correct term) on the brake pivot, too, come to think of it . . .

So I suppose the question is, can V-brakes be fitted, or are those brackets permanently blanked off?

Grateful for any wisdom you all my be able to share.


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They are Shimano forks, Pro is their line of components, bars, stems, forks etc, I have the same fork in disc only version.
I would say those blanks could be removed, carefully though. Is there any way to push them out from the back? Or is the back closed off with moulded carbon?
You can get v-brake posts with washers with the hole in, so you screw the post in and position the washer before tightening it up.


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Thanks -- I knew this was the place to ask -- and glad to know they are indeed from the house of Shimano.

I'll take another look at those bungs and look up some of those washer mounts.

So there's still hope :0)