Please help on deciding Trek Multitrack 750


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Hey guys

Can anyone please advise me, is this Trek 750 worth its price that is at 175€? ... ousPage=lr

According to the catalogue, it seems to have most parts original and according to the seller, there is no rust or any other damage...

The bike seems to be in good condition but I have no way of testing it out since it's about 1000 km from me and the only way is to get it shipped so in total the whole bike will be about 250€.

I also got a picture of the BB and does the tube holding chainstay together have some paint cracking?


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In the States they are getting popular with the gravel craze. People have been replacing the flat bars with drop bars. I have been looking for one myself. Locally nice gravel bike won't be available to 2022, so the demand is there.

Bike flippers have them about the same price or a little higher. People who are cleaning out the garage have them cheaper. The 750 and 790s have the nicest tubes and forks compared to other multitracks. For every ten 720 or 700 I see, I only see one 750. I would snatch it, if it is nice condition.