Pitmedden “night” ride - Sat 27th November - Postponed due to Arwen


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You lads all ok this morning and no major damage hopefully?

Major damage to The beer supplies last night, and I'm feeling a little rough this morning if I'm honest 😆.
Wheelie bins are away down the street somewhere 🤷🏼‍♂️ but no power cuts or anything, so can't complain.
Postponing the ride a good idea Clubby, who knows what tress will have come down and waiting to surprise us in the dark?


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Although Pitmedden is only half an hour away for me there's plenty local roads blocked by fallen trees so makes perfect sense to postpone.

Theres even a slim chance my Orbea Laufey might arrive for the postponed ride! :cool:


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It’s a shame, cos it’s actually a beautiful if cold day out there.
We’ll get it done at some point.


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Well if pitmedden is anything like blairadam it will be a nightmare.

We went up as a fall back this afternoon, at least 50% of the best trails all blocked possibly for good as some ammount of trees down. Few local lads put in some effort during lockdown with new trails and these have been decimated.

Really disappointed to see how bad it was to be honest.