Pinarello Radius, Italian style on the edge of the 90s.


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Hi Thanks for your message.

Yes I figured that the decals must have been fading. And mine is at least a partial respray from around the early 2000s, still you can see the weld quality is very good. I have actually built it up ( as is ) two weeks ago and since ridden it. It is a little on the small side for me. But yet it does ride beautifully even with my very aggressive low bar setup. However this setup is only half a cm lower than what I used to race with a few years ago. Indeed the fork weighs quite a bit, but I'm not interested in replacing it. The whole package is sufficiently stiff, actually quite stiff. It is a true race bike. I polished it up as best I could, and put quite some wax on it.
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I tried to keep my build retro inspired, but good and modern enough to take on group rides. And it worked out well for me. It doesnt hold you back at all.
- Shifters and derailleurs: Record Titanium
- Crankset Chorus 10sp 53-39 (NOS)
- Bottom bracket: Chorus (New)
- Brakes. Chorus skeletons ( later 11 speed series ). I'm still looking for black period record brakes
- Handlebar Deda zero100 classic ( shallow )
- Seatpost. Deda zero100
- Stem. FRM 12cm
- Wheels: Campagnolo Zonda (new)
- Tires: Veloflex corsa, latex inner tubes, 23mm
- Cassette: veloce 10sp 13-26
- Chain: Connex 10sp
- Cages: Elite Ciussi Inox
- Saddle: Selle SMP.
- Headset: unknown cane creek model. Found it around the local bike shop, it works perfectly fine. I had a vintage ITM one with needle bearings I wanted to use. But the stack hight was too high for the allready very short steerer tube.

Its easy to make it more retro if I want. But this is what I will actually want to ride on on the weekends.

Weight 8.9kg. And changing the fork and the saddle out can knock off half a kg easily. ( both are unlikely to happen )

I may or may not repaint it in the future, but the problem is now mainly costs and the waiting times for chroming are insane. I just wanted to go out and ride it first. These bikes are easy to strip and build anyway.
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