Pinarello Montello : Aqua Blue Cromovelato - final on page 4


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Montello":mldo85s5 said:
jordic1968":mldo85s5 said:
Congrats on the restoration project!

Also first I see with chromed lugs. I'm experimenting with cromovelato myself, and now trying to decide to include lugs or not for a treviso model.

In your experience based on the compliments you had received , what does people like more, chromed lugs or closer to the original ?


The frame is original; the lugs as as they were 40 years ago ... personally I like the lugs chromed; gives the frame a bit more bling.

The whole frame is chrome; the blue tubes are just lacquer over the chrome.

The update on this bike is recently I have taken it apart and sold all the 50th components.

I am now building up the frame with a modern 11sp Campagnolo Centaur groupset; that was I will actually ride it rather than just look at it.

May I ask where you found the leather sew-up bar tape? I haven't been able to find any in white.