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Thought I'd start a build thread to keep a track of my activities on what I hope to be my perfect build.

Since finishing this one: I have always hankered after a Montello with full rear chrome and chrome lugs ... and a cromovelato finish.

For those who don't know what cromovelato is it is when they chrome the whole frame then apply a translucent colour lacquer to the main tubes which gives a really nice effect as the chrome shows through the colour lacquer ... this finish is notoriously delicate as it is tough to make lacquer adhere to the chrome and so usually 30 years on examples of these are riddled with cracks in the lacquer and large areas flaking off.

Anyway ... after scanning eBay for a few years a possible bike came up on German eBay in my size ... result. Unfortunately the seller would not post outside of Germany; eventually they agreed to allow me to bid if I collected from an agreed meet at Berlin airport. I then had to borrow the account details eBay of a German friend as the listing would only allow German bidders.

So ... during a family pre-Christmas dinner I left the table for a few minutes at the auction end put in my max bid with a few seconds to go and JUST won it ... result. Back to the turkey.

Then it was a day trip on EasyJet to meet the seller hoping for no nasty surprises; fortunately all looked good; cash was handed over and I was left with a bike and a bag.

I stripped the bike in departures to the amusement of passers by and ended up with this.


and these:


and some nice wheels; C Record Hubs with Campagnolo Chrono rims.


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Once the dust had settled the first and most obvious problem was what to do about these decals.


This happened to all 80 Pinarellos.

I did consider preserving what was there but if you just touched them more fell off and they just looked a mess.

SO ... I picked them all off with great care; this left this:


This created 2 problems.

1) The edge of the decal was bonded into the finish leaving a stroke around the letter
2) The decals had removed a layer of what I assume was clear coat or varnish meaning the surface was recessed below that of the rest of the tube.

This meant that finding a decal to EXACTLY match the shadow left by the old decal was going to be tough ... I did some test runs using a scan of the decals from the last project and this was unsatisfactory.

So ... my next though was to find an old school sigh writer to paint the text back ...I was very worried about this and so I did a lot of research and found a guy who was willing to have a go ... when I visited him I briefed him about how fussy I was and he said he'd do a few letters whilst I waited to see if I was happy.

This was what he did:


I was happy with that and left him to it ...

A few days later I have this:



I'm very happy with the result. I am certain this was the only way to recreate the lettering and preserve the cromovelato finish.

THe original decals for the SLX, head tube and down tube remain. I have ordered further detailed decals that are still missing.

This is the frame as it stands today:









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Looks great. The added bonus is that the paint should protect the newly exposed paint - result.


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Re: Pinarello Montello : Blue Cromovelato

looking smart. You changed the gear levers to 50th?


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Re: Pinarello Montello : Blue Cromovelato

Nob":1ur3ql8g said:
looking smart. You changed the gear levers to 50th?

Yeah ... the plan is to build it up with a 50th group but I may make a couple of deviations.


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Re: Pinarello Montello : Blue Cromovelato

That is a thing of beauty. Fantastic.

No doubt you will cherish it, if you were willing to travel to Germany to collect it.
I look forward to seeing pics as you build it up (and ride it).



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Re: Pinarello Montello : Blue Cromovelato

The frame is now finished / ready for build.

have now done all the decals; they are a mix of:

- Original decals (Head tube, SLX and down tube top)
- NOS ( 50th Decal)
- Repros (MONTELLO, GP logo, Signature)

I'm pleased with the final result; it is hard to take photos as the cromovelato reflects so much...







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