Pinarello aluminium 1994 ?


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I promised not to buy more bikes but .... just bought this frame (not a full bike, so I'm ok;). I can be wrong but I believe it's the first aluminium frame made by Pinarello, with ORIA 7020 that some Banesto riders used already in 1994 uphill stages , before the better kwown 1995-6 Keral lite model. Probably also coming from Mr. Pegoretti's officina?

I'm planning to ride it regularly along my team banesto 1994 with oria cromovan , and would like to build it with a silver 10 speed groupset and compact crankset. Yeah, I know completely not period correct. 10 speed shifters in silver are rare. Wheels probably will be looking for record 10 speed hubs with mavic reflex tubulars in light blue.... Let's see what comes out during the search anyhow.

Any suggestion is welcomed ;)


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You could simply swap the lever blades on second-generation Campag ergos to get a silver finish. But Chorus, Centaur and Veloce levers were silver in 10 speed in 2001-2003 - later on some versions.


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Very interesting. It could be a Pinarello Ceramicall 100 possibly. Produced in 1994 only - ceramic aluminium tubing. Very light. Otherwise it might be a Keral-Lite - produced in 1996 only by memory, and used by Telekom to win TdF that year.5438186_2_b.jpg

How did you determine the tubing type - is there a tubeset decal on the frame?


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