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Prompted by Peachy, what about a quick thread with some pics of your current fleet? Just dump some stuff off your phone, pics don't have to be worthy of a Readers Rides thread. In fact, this whole thread is a lazy way of me not updating any of my old threads or starting new ones. So what are you currently riding?

What am I riding?

1. 1938/39 Parkes Lightweight. Wears mostly 1950s components. I started a thread on here years ago but the images are dead for maybe the second or third time. It's been on the road for a couple of years now and I've used it for commuting, weekend rides and lockdown duty.


2. 1992-ish Rudy Project alloy mtb / drop bar go anywhere dadbike. I don't even know how you classify this. There's a thread in the mtb section with it in mtb trim, with straight bars and 9-speed SRAM XO. At the beginning of lockdown 1 it was back up in the loft and the running gear was all on my cargo bike, below. I needed something sturdy to tackle the local paths with my toddler on the back and I had a 10-speed long cage 105 set, cantis and drop bars doing nothing. This was born. It's been so damn capable in this guise that it's stuck and I've done at least a thousand miles on it with my toddler on the back. Also used it for a huge emergency food package run for some sick friends during Covid, it EATS badly maintained roads for breakfast and is currently waiting for a new bottom bracket.


3. 1984-1987 XB3 Спорт Soviet track bike. Had this for donkeys. I don't think I ever did a thread on here, but I do spam up the SS/fixed thread with pics of it. This is my longest serving bike and I've easily done the most miles on it, probably 15000 or more. Used to be gold and I'll always regret repainting it. I have a lot of fun with it with silly fixie wheels, I've commuted on it for years, I've been on the velodrome, weekend rides, Dunwich, Critical Mass etc etc. It got stuck at work during lockdown 1 and picked up a lot of additional patina, including the slightly bizarre grey speckle pattern on the disc, but basically survived.


4. 2012 Pedal Power Long Harry cargo bike. Bit new for on here but I thought I'd mention it since I use it quite a lot. Aluminium frame, has the old 9-speed SRAM XO and DX brakes off the Rudy Project. Home made box with seat. My toddler loves going in it loaded up with cushions, toys and picnics. Big tyres for the tow path and so we don't get stuck anywhere. Also use it for hauling stuff locally which I can't be bothered to use the car for. They don't seem to mind me turning up at the tip with it either!


5. 1997-2000 GT Edge Aero. Another not so retro (not traditionally old enough for on here anyway) so there's no thread for this one on here. This came about as a bit of fun originally. I was actually looking for a steel frame to replace the Vitus 979 I was riding and one thing led to another and it all got a bit out of hand with the Mike Burrows wheels etc. It's been through a few guises with wide range 10-speed SRAM X7 and risers, then a child seat on the back (which was a bit wiggly) and now 10-speed SRAM Rival and drop bars. This is currently on Friday commuting duty and Sunday morning rides. It makes a lot of hilarious clanking noises with the huge tube sections!


That's pretty much it. There's also a 1966 Raleigh RSW that my OH uses for everything and she's also got a 1978/79 Raleigh Richmond Mixte as a backup.


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Here's one I'm enjoying on group rides, a retromod 531c luxe from around 89, can't make out frame number. It's got hand me down ultegra, 105 and duraace, and a new
bargain pair of wheels. Cinelli bar and stem, shimano seatpost and ti rolls finish things off.


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^ I was wondering if anyone was going to reply!

So, er, nobody riding anything at the moment then?

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I usually ride an early 1990s Dawes Audax (the 531c version with horizontal dropouts) as my daily transport, but my head has been turned by this beautiful 1991 Mike Mullett road bike. This has its own thread, but I'm so captivated by it that I thought I'd mention it here too. I've been using this for my 30 mile round commute recently and I'm absolutely smitten! Handbuilt 753, full Shimano 600 and all for two hundred quid!
The Dawes is also pictured, with my home brewery in the background. As lovely as the Mullett is, if I had to get rid of all my bikes but one, the Dawes is the one I'd keep. It does everything: fast road rides, long day rides, light touring... everything. I can remember reading about the new Dawes Audax in the bike press in the 1990s, and really wanting one, so when this one came up on Ebay in 2018 I jumped at it an got it for a hundred quid.
The last pic is one of three current projects (the others are a modern Genesis Equilibrium and a 1984 Peugeot PGN10 which i have no pics of). It's a 1980 Fred Williams road bike which I was given by a friend who'd owned it since new when he was bought it for his 14th birthday. It's in bits at the minute while I scrape together the money for a respray, but I've got a more or less complete Shimano 600 "Arabesque" groupset for it, as well as some proper drop bars and top end Weinmann brakes.
Other then the Peugeot, everything else I've got is modern. A Kona Paddywagon fixed wheel (a challenge on the Forest of Dean hills!), a Dawes Galaxy in Reynolds 853 (an ebay bargain at about £250) and the Genesis. By far the most used of all these is the Dawes Audax.


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^ I was wondering if anyone was going to reply!

So, er, nobody riding anything at the moment then?
Lol... this is one of the things I feel is a bit lacking on this new site, namely that these threads easily pass bye unnoticed.

Anyway, mine;
1954 Claud Butler Jubilee Special
1981 Claud Butler Colstar Yumeya/DuraAce

My lads (Our Jimmy);
1961 Claud Butler Super Coureur
1994 Colnago Master

My Wife’s;
1955 Claud Butler Ladies Sport

My Daughters;
1978 Claud Butler Majestique C3D476F9-38C9-453D-836D-375BB701DFF5.jpeg5B0DD36D-EB75-4C50-BFCE-697E0B3737B2.jpeg2E83AEFD-EA89-48F8-A8A6-3E76F3EC2F72.jpeg6C2CBB32-84AB-4C39-9103-3EDDA4ECED52.jpegD95603FC-5062-4708-9C59-7159437F6E26.jpeg9AB79FCE-717A-41AC-B084-0868B35E7B90.jpeg
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Alright, I'll play. :)

Because of the lack of events lately, I've mainly been riding my light touring bikes, with mrs non-fixie.

My Austro-Daimler Inter-10, an Austrian-American product that turned out rather well, and I have Shimergo'ed:


Alongside mrs non-fixie's Super Vitus-framed De Vos:


Another Shimergo effort, a Roy Thame from Putney:


Together with mrs non-fixie's favorite, a French Méral:


Had to include my gal in the brifter frenzy, so I built this RIH for her:


My latest build in this vein, a Dutch light tourer from Hilversum, an Olympia Sport:


For mrs non-fixie I recently picked up this particularly well-engineered machine, a Bridgstone Grandtech GR-27:


Hopefully this year we'll see some events again this year. I am really looking forward to getting back on my Jacques Anquetil again ...


... or my Visser Vainqueur:


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