PoTM Photo Of The Month - March 2008 - Yo Eddy's Indian Adventure

A great pic to win the 'Two Wheeled Landscape' competition: Look out for the next POTM competition in the forum..


Tomahawk Kid

Beautiful Picture where abouts in India is it? Spent a year dossing around India from Calcutta to Manali to Goa to Trivandrum & up to Madras.
Loved It.

Max G

looks like the route over the Greater Himalaya from Srinigar in Kashmir to Leh in Ladakh


It's the road to lake Pangong, a side road from the more well known road from Manali to Leh, it goes over Changla pass (17799ft). Had to take the same way back as the lake is in disputed area (Aksai Chin) well worth the view though ;-) )