Peugeot teamline grisley 1992


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Yep, just "normal" leather Flite, but colored in light grey. @BrushedAluminium, do you have a build thread of your Grisley?
Ah was just a normal grey flite for some reason i remember it looking different and maybe perforated but must have just have been the newness of it back in 1992 :)

Unfortunetly no build thread for this one but I can tell you it took me 3 Grisley Teamline 1000`s and 1 Look Grisley Glacier to source all the parts and I am still not done! The frame is actually too big for what I usually ride so I am still on the hunt for a smaller frame. I was tempted by the TL800 in France but its over priced for a DX equipped bike and not exactly what I am looking for.

WANTED: 1992 Peugeot Grisley Team 1000 (Original Peugeot Decals) in 16"-18")


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I kind of lost interest a little, plus I was running out of space and I was juggling 4 builds at the time and something had to go. Unfortunately the Peugeot drew the short straw.....
That’s a damn shame. You sold it?