Peugeot Identification 90's bike, I think!!


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I'm looking to sell an old Peugeot Bike, which I bought second hand over 20 years ago. I have hardly ridden it and neither had the chap that I bought it from and as a result it is in immaculate condition.
I'm just looking for some help in finding information about it in order to advertise it in the best way. I would rather that it went to an enthusiast, if the particular model is at all desirable.
The model is a P20 and there is a sticker which is dated 1992, so presumably that would be manufacture year. The serial number is PE20 VGB511C 600125280120.
Can anybody point me in the right direction for information, perhaps a catalogue?
It is a 'lovely' cream colour with blue and orange decals!! Not quite the fashion of today.


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Based on the serial number information the bicycles dates to 1999, or possibly a year 2000 model.

The GB means a Great Britain model.