Parkpre, Dean or Specialized S-works M2 and Rock Shox Judy


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Looking for some parts and frames

Parkpre Pro Elite
Parkpre Pro Image
Other Parkpre
Dean Titanium
Specialized S-Works M2 1993/4
Rock Shox Judy SL and Xc (first one´s - 94 to 96)



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I have a nicely working Rock Shox Judy T2 Long Travel. I believe it is a 1998 version so maybe not what you are looking for?
I just removed it from my Mountain Goat last week as I will put the good old rigid steel fork back in.

The lady has a 1" steerer tube that is 166mm long.
(I'm too new here to respond to DMs (??) but I can read them. Include your email address in a message please if interested and I will respond.)


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