Panasonic MC6500 Japanese steel


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Last week i picked this one up and since it was a rainy weekend (like every weekend these days....) cleaned it and put it back together. This (big bike i can ride it but it is a tad too big...)example is fitted with a full Deore DX gruppo (hubs, shifter/brakelevers, crankset. I am always amazed with the quality of these groups! Everything still works! Wheels are Araya CV-7 which look if they are worn but they are not? Have to figure this out. Since this one is 25 years old the paint isn't in such good shape lot's of chips some rust. To be nice again it needs a respray. Frame is made from Tange infinity. Enjoy the pics!



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A friend once bought a mint MC-6500 as he needed a donor for his Buck Shaver. I got the frame.


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Nice find.

Attractive color combination on frame, which by the way seems to fit us larger gents for a change.

Overall appearance would benefit from some skin wall tires. There are a few reproductions to choose from as well as new ones, i.e. Onza.



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About the rims looking worn:

(Picture taken from - Araya catalogue 1992)
Text says "Model CV-7 Concave side concept has been introduced on single wall rims for the first time"

Also note this page, lower right corner:


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Thnx for the info i thougt i've read it here! Looks very unnatural those rims but not worn! I think this bike fits gents from 1.90 till 2.00 meter beter. :twisted:


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very nice, and it's your lucky day: there is a smaller frameset for sale on marktplaats
I like those panasonics. My first mtb ever was a mc3500 with the nice red-with-white-splatterpaint.


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Nice find! Even the hubs look nice and shiny.
How about the shifters? I had Deore DX on my first Cannondale, but the shifters didn't work very smooth after a while anymore. They did not seem to like dirt. Haha. I changed them to Deore XT thumbshifters, which I liked a lot more.


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Shifters work ok, only the right shifter is replaced for a XT even better! What i always do with old shifters put WD-40 in them and let it soak for a night they work good then! Mud shouldn't be a problem, maybe the Belgian mud is? ;)

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