Pace RC 200 F2 - Rare and Stunning Example


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I am reluctantly selling my Pace RC200 F2 (the last model with the iconic square Seat tube) I’ve never previously sold one of my square tubers so to part with this wasn’t an easy decision. The reality is I am maxed out storage wise and unfortunately I have had to face the fact that one Pace has to go out to afford me space to store another (the ex Richard Thackray team Pace F1 that I am currently restoring )

When I bought this I set about transforming it into what I think is a fantastic spec and finish. The frame went off to the legend that is Dan Chambers to be Powdercoated a beautiful pearlescent white with very subtle metallic flecks. A brand new Cane Creek headset was then fitted as well as new decals from Retrodecals

The rare Pace A-head stem went to a local powdercoaters to have the yellow colouring associated with early Pace’s applied and a new decal applied. Further new decals were applied to the Hydrostop HS 11’s

The forks went away to Fork English and had a full service including new seals and elastomers

The Cook Brothers cranks went away to Intrincycle for re-anodising and etching. They look stunning and he informed me that this was the only set of this kind he did (check out the quality for his work on his FB page)

The rebuild saw me fit a new headset, new brake blocks to the Hydrostops, new grips, bar ends, new cabling, new tyres and a different seat

I think the spec is fantastic:
Frame: Pace RC200 F2 , 18 inch, pearlescent white finish , complete with Pace chainstay protector (getting rarer to find on frames)
Headset: Cane Creek (new)
Bars: Original early shimmed Renthal (very rare)
Shifters: Deore XT Thumbies
Bar Ends: X-Lite Stubby
Grips: ODI Attack (new)
Stem: Original and rare Pace A-head
Brakes: Magura Hydrostop hydraulic rim brakes
Computer: Vetta C15 in full working order
Forks: Pace RC35 serviced and mounts for Hydraulic rim brakes
Front mech: Suntour
Cranks: Cook Brothers (re-anodised and re-etched)
Chainrings: Pace
BB: Royce
Wheels: Mavic 231 CD’s (hubs I believe are Deore Lx), 7 speed rear cassette
Rear Mech: Deore XT
Tyres: Panracer Duster (good condition but signs of cracking)
Seatclamp: Pace
Seatpost: X-Lite
Seat: Original Selle Turbo (leather finish)

I have only rode the bike once since finishing the rebuild and since then it has been stored wrapped in pipe lagging with a cover over it

I would like £1500 for this which I think is a bargain for an early Pace in fantastic condition with such a great spec.

I would prefer collection in person from either my home or a location not too far away. Payment via PayPal friends and family or cash with an initial deposit

I have no doubt this could part out for more than my asking price but I am not going down that road and would like to see this go to someone who will appreciate it as it is now

Please PM with any questions as I am only too happy to answer them


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Retrobike Rider
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Regrettably has to go as I am maxed out storage wise and another on the way


Retrobike Rider
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Weekend Bump with the addition of Outdoor Pics showing it in daylight


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