Orbit Romany - Columbus Nivacrom

I don't know who maintained this but I suspect it was the owner.

A front brake juddering had me concerned that the replacement brake calipers weren't going to work.

I took a step back and thought, have I encountered this before?

Yes, I had, it was the headset top cap set directly on the stem instead of using a spacer! Lo and behold, it was the same issue that I'm sure quite a few cyclists make.

Once I'd adjusted the spacers, problem solved.

Over the years, I'm amazed how many seasoned riders don't know how a headset operates and how to recognise and resolve issues with it.

I can only assume, they've replaced it when it became an issue, often, needlessly.
I got inspired by this thread and picked this up today. An earlier version I think, as no disc mounts. Seller thought it was the 853 version of the Romany, but it's had a respray at some point and lost its original frame stickers. Only rode it for 15mins but pretty pleased so far. Slow and steady and feels like a tank (in a good way).


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At last, it's done.

Why do drop handlebars always look oversized in photos? Despite how it appears, they're not!

Very comfortable and planted. It's built to ride at my pace i.e. slow.

Rolls pretty well. I'll see how the tyres cope as I've never used this particular one before.

I took the front rack off as I'll probably use the bar bag.

Tried this saddle and initial thoughts are very good. If it doesn't work out then I'll swap it out for my Brooks Flyer.
Very nice: I once travelled all the way to Dorset to collect one of these but, having too many bikes, I eventually sold.