Orbit MTB - Dad memorial bike build


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Well, i started to look at my dads memorial build.
From looking around the garage its base is going to be this:-

Orbit MTB frame
Pace RC 35 forks (1" steerer needed). Unfortunately the orbit forks are 21.1mm internal steerer and so restricts my stem options, but i am going to paint the forks up so they can be used if i can find a suitable stem later.
Headset - 1" in silver, model not known yet.
Stem - Orange SK8.
Brakes - Magura HS
Seat post - USE or other suitable 27.0mm seatpost.
Cranks - Middleburn or maybe Hope (if i can find in square taper and blue or Silver)
Bottom bracket - Hope Ti square taper.
Bars - Pace Sub 130 or Orange Hot Rod.
Wheels - Front - Hub Hope in aluminium (but may swap for pace carbon) / Spokes - Hope Ti Dye / Rim - Mavic 317 (but may swap for Ryde ZAC 421)
Rear - Hope Hub in aluminium (but may swap for a an early Hope Ti that i have) / Spokes - Hope Ti Dye / Rim - Mavic 317 (but may swap for Ryde ZAC 421)
Skewers - X-Lite in Ano blue.
Bolts - Aluminium - Ano blue.
For the gearing i think that i am going to go with one of the alt modern brands and steer away from the big boys.

The paintwork is going to be Sky blue main tubes, Dark blue lugs with gold detailing.
The orbit badgework is going to be in stainless steel.


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Sorry to hear about your Dad.

A great idea for a memorial, will watch this unfold with interest.


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A lovely idea - im Looking forward to this -
In honour of your dad


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It does look very similar, with the screw in cable stop and very similar lug work.
Yours also looks like it may be a 21.1mm stem.
Frame looks like a nice early one with a longer chainstay.... Andy Thompson built perhaps ?

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I've been doing some preliminary fettling over the last few days.
Rear brake stops modified to accept magura hose.
The BB cup that was stuck in has now been removed.
I'm just experimenting with a 3d printed extra hose guide on the top tube to take the bend out of the magura hose.
Then its shot blast and prime time.


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I've been experimenting with the size for the laser cut stainless steel decals.
To make the head decal easier to cut i am going to take out the internal shapes on the lettering, and for the down tube i'm going with the smaller size of decal.


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Ive been putting some work into the cranks that i picked up on evil bay.
Stripped the black powdercoat & rough sanding. I'm working my way up through the different grit papers then i will polish them on a buffing wheel, i think i will blast the spider with glass bead to slightly contrast with the cranks.


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