Orange Prestige


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As usual, saying I wasn’t going to do another bike went out the window when i saw this. An Orange with the fade paint job is something I’ve wanted for years and just never got one.
This is going to wait probably till the winter and I’ll get all the parts together. Something else will have to go to make space :-(
Plan at the moment is a fairly typical DX/XT build. I have a lot of rigid bikes so I may go for RC35 which go well with this. I’ve got mavic 231CD wheelset which will also suit it well.

hopefully this pic will attach. I believe this bike has been on here already (as many have)


Devout Dirtbag
Yeah, it's nice. I hummed over it for a bit before deciding just to go for it. I want to do some paint repairs on the chain and seat stays but the rest of the paint will stay as original. I need to study the catalogues but i might paint the stem and bars white.


Devout Dirtbag
Not 100% sure, think it was a road group on FB. A mate spotted it and arranged it for me. The colour loss should cover up fine, it's not ripped as so many are.


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Picked up this nice old White turbo saddle which I think will suit it nicely.

Going to redye the white to cover up the fading.

Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr

Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr
That white would come up fine using a white dye.. have you looked at the restoration sticky thread?
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