Orange O2 drop bar

I have gone back to my trusty Tacx pulley wheels(spec updated). My thinking with the Garbaruk wheels was they would not clog up with muck and be easier to keep clean, due to the open lattice structure, and they do look a bit snazzy instead of plain old black plastic. I spend more time riding than looking at the things though so function has to trump form.

I got them cheap and they really should be the price i paid as In reality the bearings are absolute rubbish and you can snap teeth out of them, very easily, if you get some stick or something between the teeth and chain. The Tacx have well sealed ceramic bearings, spin for an eternity, and I should have just stuck with them as they just friggin' work!

Ride was slightly delayed but not ruined, which is the important thing :)
The Celo Cinta tape dropped a few days ago. It has quite a pleasing texture to it and not smooth like the old Benotto tape i used back in the 80's. The blue is a reasonably close match to the brake arms, too, so happy days. That is very important ;)

Tape isn't on yet as I will make some changes to the front end and i don't want to goose the tape. I have no idea how old it is and it is going to be a bummer if it is brittle, or something, with it being some kind of plastic.

Not many photos so far so here is one.


I still can't get over the colour match to the orange frame of a fork from some random bike and how the diameters of the headtube, headset, and crown are all the same. Very swish and if the blue on the fork was darker i would be even happier. It will certainly do though :)

The fork mounted hanger is a Kona P2 jobbie. I shaved a bit off the back of it , to fit a previous fork, so the main cable and straddle were in a nice straight line.
On this fork the cantis sit a little more forward so i am going to put a standard Kona hanger on, to line it all up. The standard hanger is grey and might match the fork, too. At the same time i am going to do away with the in-line adjusters, that i have on the brakes, as the straddle adjusters work just fine.
Following a bone jarring, tooth loosening, ride at the weekend i have decided to go back to tyres with more volume, to smooth things out a little. Comfort is more precious than a bit of extra rotational weight!
My tyre of choice is the Continental RaceKing and i have a pair of the racesport version inbound. Am interested to see how this version compares to the non-racesport folding tyre.
A set of TRP Inplace brake pad holders are also on the way, to help dial in the brakes. The main reason for getting these adjustable holders is to deal with the r/h rear canti boss which Orange have welded on the p!ss!
Also will fit a new star nut as the current one is a little too far into the steerer than i would like. i can't play with spacers under the stem as the ahead cap bolt will not engage in enough threads. Going to try the drill out the center section as a way of removing the current star nut.

When i have got around to doing all of the above i will take a pic, or two :)
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I found some barely used Conti Raceking Racesport 2.2's on the bay so they are on for a pillowy ride. 20psi seems to be a pretty good pressure for mixing road and byway. Mad grip levels on tarmac, for a tyre with knobs
For even more comfort i have flipped the stem and the bars are now an inch higher. The old setup was great for smashing out mostly road miles, but i have started doing alot more offroad and my last big ride i thought i was going to die, from the battering i was taking. Now it is more relaxed and balanced for a variety of terrain with a little less weight pushing the front end into the ground.
Whilst all this was going on and needing to re-cable the bars, with the inch rise, I decided to fit a XT 11-42 11 speed cassette to replace the bitsa 10 speed. I thought i would get too much rub on the chain guide with 11 cogs but it is tickety-boo :) . The short cage X0 mech, on its short hanger extender, is also very happy dealing with the cassette.
The TRP Inplace adjustable pad holders are on, too, and plenty of toe-in has cured any squeals and the braking is improved. All finished off with some fresh blue Celo Cinta Professionale vinyl handlebar tape. I am not sure how old it is(80's-90's) but it is lovely stuff and wraps very well. It is slightly textured for grip if you don't wear gloves. It also matches the blue Frogleggs pretty well, too :) now looks like this


I must try and take pics against something else that hasn't got bars and tubes!!
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