Orange 222 Down Hill Bike from the early 2000's


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Hi guys,
sorry for this being my first post but a mate of mine suggested I get on here to try and shed some light on what my bike might be worth.
I realize that some of the components aren't that retro but it was more about the frame and shock value but also as a whole bike?
many thanks in advance for any help!

It's an Orange 222 Down Hill Bike from the early 2000's ( i think )
I was informed by the previous owner that this is a rare Global Racing Ltd Edition due to the extra tab on the frame near the bottom bracket used for the floating "Dope Brake" setup ( not included ) but I have no prof of this and it has been painted at some point.

spec as below,
Modern Spank spike evo 777 15mm rise 785 wide Bars
Hayes brakes
Marzocchi 888 Bomber rc3 titaanium forks (2012 ish worst chip on stanchions circled in pic)
Marzocchi stem
Cane creek head set
Hope hubs ( the rear was welded as 3 disc mounts failed been like this about 8 years now )
Mavic d321 disc rims
Front tyre maxxis high roller 26 x 2.5
Back tyre continental diesel 26 2.5
Deore derailleur and unknown 9 speed cassette
5th element shock
Truvativ howitzer crank
Mrp chain device
Crankbrothers pedals
Dmr seat ( with holes - see pic )

Size wise from the middle of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat quick release is about 385mm. From the centre of the seat post to the centre of the steerer tube is about 570mm and wheel base is approx 1150mm.

It's just not getting used these days.
The bike has been well used and is covered in dinks and scratches, missing paint etc the worst bit being the swinging arm has a small dent on both sides
( which I've circled the worst one in the pics ) this has been like this the whole time I've owned it ( about 10 years )and never been an issue.
It can be ridden as is but I would think It would greatly benefit from a full strip and rebuild bearings etc.


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