News Onza Octopus Reissue Tyres

Retrobike Onza Octopus.pngRetrobike has been informed the iconic early 90s tyre the Onza Octopus is being reissued for 2021. For those who don't recall the early 90s the Octopus was the street orientated stable mate of the well regarded Porcupine. Just check eBay for used White Octopus and Porcupine prices.OnzaOctopus.jpg

Release date is tbc but expect to see the reissued Octopus available in black, white and butterscotch compounds. Wheel sizes are expected to be 27.5" with both 650c and 700c gravel options. All tyres will be tubeless ready. No 26"option available in the initial offering but as ever watch this space.

For reference the original article printed in @mbukmagazine is shown on the right.

Expect street price to be a little over the original £14.95 retail.
29 is so yesterday, multiple 27.5 sizes is this years thing.
26+ is the new future, for Full-Sus Compact Gravel bikes.

Bravo John, that was the best one I've seen this year! 😂🤣😂🤣

(everyone knows they were only re-issued ONCE, never to be re-issued again... I am hoarding 50 sets in butterscotch myself).
Ah yes, the infamous onZa Octopus tyres. I've been wondering what to use to ride around the bathroom...
Been searching for these since they were announced! No wonder Onza tyres are rare. Had to make my own prototype out of old bath slip mats!