One of the Best Bike Related Ads I've Ever Seen


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This guy deserves a bid just for creativity. I actually hope he's one of us here... anyway, I'm quoting the text so it doesn't get lost in ebay's history.



Denying it will not help. You know it, she knows it, it is just too obvious.... the uncomfortable silences every time you enter the room... or the way you look away quickly hoping she hasn't seen you looking at her.......


Look... truth time right? She is just as hot looking as the day you bought her... maybe better when you think of all the good times you have had together but then that one shocking memory.... the favorite chunk of singletrack downhill, just hoping the dog will keep up the pace or move because you are in the groove then you felt it.... was that a clunk clunk, coming from my front end? Nah.... you shrug it off, avoid hitting the dog and of course beat your buddy to the parking lot.... it's just got to be that boat anchor of a fork he has (tee hee, snicker snicker escapes) as he comes flying onto the parking lot at an insane speed thinking that will help him "lose better" BUT THEN IT HAPPENED .... no big deal... I must have spilled some of my HEED (By Hammer Nutrition) on my fork.... but WHOA.... a quick taste reveals THAT IS NOT your yummy Mandarin Orange energy sustaining, cramp reducing and lactic acid buffering goodness.... because, well, HEED tastes like a Mandarin orange and this taste like...... SUSPENSION OIL!!!

Oh the drama... first the free winners coffee from your maniac but slow downhilling friend didn't taste as satisfying as usual and then the trip to the bike shop that cost you a week on the couch.

Seems like bike dude was not exactly his normal cheery self when he found out the problem.... spotting that oil creeping down the forks and leaving a messy trail in the recent hard earned trail of trail dust down the back of the fork leg.... yes, you mindless jerk! She has been bleeding and you didn't even notice... and now you had to look away was that the very first glance you and your dear old friend had ever averted?

Well all the rest happened so quickly .... was he trying to sell me a new bike the whole time?? Dude seemed a little rude he was putting down the 2" of travel she had on those dirty but otherwise fine looking legs of hers.... but all you kept hearing only 2" (They were plenty long when he was selling them right?) long wait for the parts blah blah blah and the labor is going to a lot and here you were driving home
with Judy .... AND THE OTHER NEW BIKE!!! Your neck twinges just remembering that night on the couch having failed miserably at trying to convince her that repairing your old tested and true friend would have been a BIG mistake.

Here we are, years later and she is still there.... that last bike came and went but she is still here.... just seems like all of the very best memories are there.... it would be like getting rid of photos... you just don't do it.

So.... here you are sitting at work like every other day.... cruising eBay for stuff you don't need but are capable convincing someone you do.... you are not even sure how you got to this page but there it is in all of it's (it really does exist) glory! Oh sure.... we have all heard the rumors of dry land.... er, Judy parts being available.... right along with the Grail. they are ... NO.....this is not another sugar hangover from trying some other brand of energy drink that left you puking and bonked half way through the ridge trail last week...(no, we learned that lesson, it is back to Hammer-time) this time the pictures are clear and obvious and don't look like they were uploaded by your mom.

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL a full Judy rebuild kit AND with three inches of travel.... the previous amount of travel has no bearing. Yes... you are awake my friend.

So....are you going to do the right thing or not...? You know what she will want you to do with the "Old Bike" pretty soon right?

This is the full part number 59052 part kit. No country of origin stickers anywhere so I do believe this was made in the good old USA. the second picture. a close up of the instructions IS THE FULL INSTRUCTION PAGE and the only thing I have to offer of how to EXCEPT( I am being serious here) DO NOT GET THIS AND START PUMPING THE CARTRIDGE IN AND OUT BY HAND...on the instruction sheet there are THREE SECTIONS OF BOLD PRINT.... the last one near the bottom describes WHAT WILL HAPPEN if you do..... SO DO NOT PLAY WITH THE CARTRIDGE AT ALL UNTIL COMPLETELY AND CORRECTLY INSTALLED.

These are the last of the mohicans..... you want one I suggest you hit the "BIN" button because that price is going up drastically on the next one and there are only a few left

BTW, I learned something from this ad - not to "play" with the cartridge before installation.


Retro Guru
It's sold for over $200 (including shipping). That's unbelievable price for a RS Judy XC rebound cartridge!