Offroad Proflex 752


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The 1992 dream bike:

Mag 20s AND a flexstem? Decadence!

The 2017 reality:

This appears to be completely original, and hardly used going by the not worn out rear Smoke tyre, Deore Dx brake levers that are still black and wheel reflectors / spoke protector. It has been used enough to warrant new brake pads at some stage, and has some mild corrosion on bolt heads etc.

You can see the rear MCU elastomer (this looks to have either be a very late 752 supplied with, or been upgraded to, the later type of single piece MCU with purple washers) melted onto the rear tyre.

Now I don't want to settle for rubber bumper type suspension, the reason the industry went to MCU (micro-cellular urethane) was the performance was better - the air bubbles compressed in on themselves and acted as springs. A solid polyurethane bumper of the type supplied by simply deforms, not giving as much travel and with a steeper spring rate curve.

Watch this space.


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Interested as I have a 753 and the rear travel isn't much with the polyurethane elastomer...

Funny how the ad has both a suspension fork and stem!