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Wondering if anyone can tell me about this bike. The manufacturer is Alpine, and the bike is made in Japan. The frame is lugged thruout, with Tange double butted tubing, and all mounts appear to be brazed on. Weight is approx 5 1/2 lbs for the bare frame+headset cups. The model is an XT Pass, and I am assuming the name is based on the group. The entire group is XT, 7 speed with thumb shifters. The rear wheel is original and consists of an Araya RM14 rim laced to a 32 hole XT hub. The left shifter will have to be replaced, but the rest of the group is almost flawless, which is remarkable considering the condition of the frame. The original rear rim shows almost no brake wear, so it was ridden very little.

I bought the bike a couple of years ago, mostly for the shifters and rear derailleur, but I just haven't been able to part with the frame. Given that everything is in good working condition, I have decided to restore it. I haven't decided whether I will keep it in my stable or gift it to my Grand Daughter, but it will be a couple of years before she is tall enough for it, so I will probably throw a rustoleum paint job on it for now, in a not so girly color, and have it painted professionally later.

Curious if anyone knows any more about the frame than I do. It is obviously a quality frame, and I have only ever found one other reference to an Alpine bike, and the build was very similar.


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