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I have a few things that I once thought I might need but actually don’t. Actually that applies to most of what I own but I’m just adding these few bits.

I'm broadening out now from useless tat to things that might actually serve a purpose, inspired by retrobikers who have been kind to me on here, or sold at lower than ebay price or have generally done things for the greater good and who may no longer be here.

Terrible Ritchey Vector saddle that could go on a pub bike.

Tektro brake levers and Shimano cantis (alivio or the like) in lovely condition

Deore/DX M&60 175mm right hand crank with rubbed off logo but in generally nice condition (the left was threaded long ago and sent to the rainbow bridge) Taken

Deore LX 7 speed front and rear mech Taken

Deore LX 8 speed front and rear mech (can offer a variety of tube diameters and both bottom or top pull so check in with what you need)

Come and collect in Wakey and I'll m make you a cuppa and let you have one of my son's packed lunch chocolate biscuits.

Or I can post at the cost of Hermes and sticky tape if you don't mind hanging about

Shimano M735 7 speed XT rear mech short cage - scruffy but okay. Claimed

Shimano M735 7 speed XT rear mech long cage - scruffy but okay Claimed

Shimano MT60 Deore cranks without rings 170mm with worn logos and some toe strap rub. Claimed

Suntour XC Ltd cranks in 175 with seized in but nicely working SPDs. I dare say a hack saw, caustic soda or judicious heating could persuade them to part company one from the other. Claimed.

A massive great fat saddle with oodles of padding and elastomers that wouldn’t look amiss on the back end of a Pro-Flex Claimed.

Suntour Left hand XC Expert (or Ltd) shifter Claimed

17 ish inch Ti and Steel Dynatech frame and forks claimed plus ropey Zoom stem claimed , and LX top pull (happy to take bits off of anyone wants individual bits)

Suntour Pedersen SE rear and Ritchey Logic front brakes claimed

Matrix Swami reduced dish rear wheel on an STX hub and a not yet dead 9 speed cassette


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Hi. Sending a PM about the thumb shifter but also like a challenge and, if no one else wants them, would happily have a go at parting the SPDs from the chain set.