For Sale NOS Retro Tioga Psycho TT Blackwall Tyres


Klein Fan
I have some more NOS tyres here.

- Tioga Psycho TT Blackwall 26 x 1.95“ Kevlar Bead, Rear Specific Tyres. These were available as Front or Rear Specific Tyres back in the 1990’s. These tyres I have are labeled as the Rear Specific version. (Of course they can be used in either position though, as we did back in the good old days...)

I have two of these, both labeled as rear specific. I’m happy to sell them individually or both together as a pair. £45 per Tyre.

Photos here:

The prices don't include postage. Payment by Paypal friends and family is preferred please. If you have any questions then please just ask. Thank you.


------------ SOLD ITEMS -----------
1/ Specialized Grey Umma Gumma Team Control 2.0 and Team Master 2.1 Front and Rear pair. - £220
2/ Michelin Wildgripper Butterscotch 1.95 Skinwalls. - £100
3/ Ritchey Megabite Z-Max 1.95 Grey Skinwalls. - £160
4/ Michelin Wildgripper Lite 1.95 Green Front, Steel Bead. - £40
5/ Michelin Wildgripper Lite S 1.95 Green Rear, Kevlar Bead - £60
6/ Used Mavic 117 SUP CD Non-Ceramic 32 Hole Rims. - £70
7/ Campagnolo Stheno 32 hole Silver NOS pair still in original wrapping. - £108
8/ Tioga Psycho Edge 1.95 Skinwalls in original boxes. - £140
9/ Tioga Psycho-K Grey 1.95 Skinwalls in original boxes. - £180
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