NOS Daccordi Mitico Frame + Forks Fillet Brazed Columbus EL


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Lovely rare fillet brazed Daccordi Columbus EL frameset for sale.

The Mitico was Daccordi's top frame I believe. This one has beautiful smooth fillet brazing and is finished in sparkling deep blue with green to gold fade metallic text, painted on (it appears) under the lacquer.

The frame is stamped 52.5, by my measurement the sizes are as follows:

- Seat tube - between 50.5 and 51cm c-t-c and 53.5cm c-t-t.
- Top tube - 52.5cm.
- Head tube - 10.7cm
- Rear spacing 13.2cm
- BB Italian

It takes 27.2mm seatpost and 28.6mm front mech band. There are head tube mounted barrel adjusters, internal routing for the rear brake cable. Drop outs are horizontal so it could be ridden fixed or single speed if you were so inclined, but please don't. The fork ends are stamped Daccordi and chromed. BB and rear mech threads are perfect.

Chips on paint - as I've said, the frame was built up then stripped so there are a few marks most notably rear brake bridge and drop outs but these will largely be covered when the bike is built up.

Cable guide and Campagnolo seat post clamp bolt are included. The headset is made by Tange, I don't know the model. If I were to built the frame up again I'd replace it with something posh and shiny but I'll include it in the sale.

The frame, forks, headset, seatpost bolt and barrel adjusters weigh 2517g on my scales.

Sorry, the photos really don't do it justice.

£450 + postage - SOLD


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Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the frame arrived safe and sound.

Really appreciate you taking the time to wrap it up so well for the long journey to Aus.

Either way, a pleasure doing business.


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Re: NOS Daccordi Mitico Frame + Forks Fillet Brazed Columbus

Cheers cr5dit, glad you're happy with it, good luck with the build.