No Spend Transcend Sunday 9th June - Peebles


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I have walked around Cademuir numerous times. I came across an obvious extreme MTB trail that came of a timber road high above the valley floor. I walked down it a wee bit and decided to do it on a bike would require a parachute as backup in case of a spill. Good luck you plucky nutjobs :)


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boxxer":37b5g9iz said:
I’d be happy to show you the Cademuir trails, some of these are a bit spicy and the climb is relatively short...

You have Decade (crazy steep) DangerMouse, Crazy steeps with drops, RTt, Kamikaze, and Cademuir DH

I’d be happy to do a day there for anyone, it’s about half the height of GT but just as much fun
It's a fine line, I want to to push the comfort zone a bit, but it still needs to be fun. 'Crazy steep' is too much, I'm aiming for 'steep in bits'. I need to get a trundle up there though, hopefully it's not all falling off a cliff :)

Did a wee recce up Glentress today, gave Cock Nostril and Mast of Zorro a bash. Thoughts below...

Cock Nostril (Top)
Summary: Rooty, muddy, slippy and rutted especially near the top. Not too steep, although the lack of control more than made up for it.
Offs: 2
Refusals: 4
Trail did get better as it went on (drier, less muddy), but sketchy as a Tony Hart doodle for the first third - we've had a lot of rain past few days, so not a surprise. Hard work and a bit too enduro for me. Was glad to get to the bottom, took one look at the entry into Cock Nostril bottom part and thought 'bugger that'.
Overall: 2.5 fistbumps out of 5.

Mast of Zorro
Summary: Starts in the trees, some super deep ruts at the top (but avoidable). Trail then opens out onto hillside with tight, rocky switchbacks, then back into trees for some nice singleterack to finish.
Offs: 0
Refusals: 1 (but it wasn't as steep as it looked so will get it the next time)
Lovely trail this, nice mix. You do feel pretty exposed on the switchbacks, but it isn't steep so you do have plenty of control. Enjoyed it.
Overall: 4 / 5

I went back up to the mast via the walkers path (nice shortcut, avoids going all the way up The Kipps to the hut) and finished it off with the run down from the top starting at Carl's Lane on to Ho Chi Minh, Zoom or Bust then down off the fort. Glorious. This is on the list, as is Mast of Zorro.

Mast of Zorro also gives us the option of Fairy Liquid (enjoyed this when I rode it a couple of years ago) and Empire of Dirt (never ridden), but you do lose a lot more height. So we'll see.

clubby":37b5g9iz said:
How did the recce go zz?
Sphincter relaxes yet?
Played havoc with my piles so it did...


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Re: No Spend Transcend Saturday 8th June - Peebles

Just my 29er short travel 100mm full sus (Titus Rockstar) Rob. And a set of decent brakes. It was fine, the rider reached his limits before the bike did.

Full sus just makes it more enjoyable and easier on the body.