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Wow that's something... My lad's strider for the BMX track doesn't even come with brakes. Now I'm thinking about if I could get a caliper on it. What levers are you using? His hands are still too small for the ones on his geared and pedaled bike
Basically these are the only lever option I can find at present, but the stock v calliper was rubbish, almost to stiff for my hands never mind the 2 year olds. Hence I swapped them out for the old XTR M950 parallel push in an attempt to make them smoother & cooler, which has helped and the longer brake pads seem to fit ok even on a 12inch wheel, although I could swap them for shorter ones. (The inner cable routing still needs improving as the turns are to tight !) The brake levers seem fine/smooth though and any closer to the bar would leave no room for little fingers when not in use.

or just the short reach lever:

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