New Project - Italian Vetta


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Picked this up on ebay as I wanted an italian steel....

Liked the idea that its not as common as others....if that makes sense....

Tubing - Oria Special TT 0.9

Builder - Antonio Taverna in Padova Italy

Other bits.....

Groupset - Either 8 Speed Dura Ace or older Shimano 600 SIS

Wheels - not to sure yet

Saddle - San Marco Rolls Saddle


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Hi, this post is a bit old and I hope to find you still active in this forum... I was looking for a late 80's Vetta's decal and I saw your post: I'm from Rome Italy and I own a mid 80's Vetta frame that I'm trying to restore, the problem is that I contacted the Taverna family, very nice people, to ask them to send me some Vetta decals of that period but they could send me only older decals, they just have no more. Could you please send me a scan of the stickers below? It should be a big help to me.
Thanks and have a good day



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Hey, thanks for the reply, I really hoped to solve the problem this time but it seems that I have to struggle a little more :) Do you know somebody I could ask for?

Have a good one!