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Back in '97, or at least I think it was '97, it may have been '98. I saw short article about a bike in one of the popular MTB magazines that caught my eye, I'm hoping that someone can help me figure out what it was. I really wish there was an online archive of these magazines somewhere, the popular mechanics archive on Google and others like it are a great resource. My local library service didn't archive many periodicals outside of the major News and Political publications and there was a fire which destroyed a lot, so it hasn't been of any help.

It was a yellow Y style full suspension bike, alloy, not carbon, I think it was a URT design and it had Magura hydraulic rim brakes, I can't recall much more than that, Dawes sort of comes to mind, but I don't think it was.

Does that remind anyone of a bike from that period?



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I know giant did something similar and also there is a dawes edge y frame full suspension bike but no idea on release dates


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The Dawes Edge looks right, I wasn't reading the magazines much after '98, so unless it was announced then I don't think I would have seen it.

Dawes doesn't seem to be the kind of company to equip Maguras either.

Thanks, I'll look into that on further.


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I looked at the Proflex models first, but I went back and looked again and there it was, the bike I remember was the K2 Proflex OZ 5000!

Thank You!

Now I want one!
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