Mystery Bike - Not a Cannondale


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I recently bought this bike from a charity shop in the UK as a project for my son. But when I got it home I realised it didn’t look right as a Cannondale. Anyway after some hours searching I have discovered it isn’t a Cannondale, thanks to Vintage Cannondale for confirming.
So I am looking for any help in identifying this frame. Closest I have got to the design is Haro Extreme but that’s not it. Any help gratefully received.88241925-9C98-46B6-B972-AFC1BD0CF10B.jpegBFF94514-B7B4-48A5-BD2F-7B3696354C2B.jpeg


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This is one which is rather like incidents in the art world, where someone buys a 16c painting which is valuable in its own right, only to find that it is actually by an Italian master and worth a great deal more. Cannonades are nice, and if bought cheaply are a nice thing to have. But a Scott Super Evolution is something else...much more interesting and important, due to rarity...but with excellent pedigree....

worth going over the frame for crack dents and dings - Scott for sure knew what they were doing by this time and spec'd the frames really well. This is one which is worth restoring well. Getting the right decals is going to be the hardest part, most likely.