My unicorn bike/spec - 1994 Kona Hei Hei *** FULL SPEC/FINISHED PICS ON PAGE 8 & 9 *** - BOTM April 2021


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This looks newer then when it was all actually new!

It's completely bonkers.

And most likely a pretty high benchmark for Garage Queens moving forward.

I bet it felt amazing to finish it off?

Thank you 😊

Ive been pretty OCD with this build and just wanted it spot on and period correct. A high percentage of the parts are NOS, some VGC and a few parts I’ve had/have restored back to new/very good condition. The only reproduction items are the frame and barend decals that were from Retro Decals that are exact copies of the originals...however if I find NOS versions then those will replace the reproductions.

Yeah after 2.5 years of sourcing parts it‘s kind of weird to have a finished build. There’s still some parts I’m hunting for to make it the build that I initially set out to do, but tbh the build spec has chopped and changed along the the way so I may change my mind again 🤷‍♂️

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