My first road bike (and project) Flacon 'Black arrow' 1976


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Hi everybody, I picked up my first road bike today and thought I might enlist some of you in helping to distinguish where to go with this bike....

So I picked the bike up from a really passionate older guy after making an offer through Ebay. I know absolutely nothing about bikes, but do enjoy projects and thought this could be something to tinker with whilst also using it to cycle to work.
The bloke I bought it off told me this is a 1976 Ernie Clements Flacon 'black arrow' and said they are pretty rare now, he asked whether I collected bikes and explained that its the first road bike I've bought and that I wanted to spend a bit of time and money to get it looking nice again.

So a few questions for all you ladies and gents out thers.
Are there any particular tyres that would suit this bike best? I want something in keeping with the style of the bike, right now its got some Michelin World tour tyres which although hold air and seem alright, they are cracking a bit, I believe they are 27.5" if im not mistaken?

Does anybody have or know where I could find photos of the bike either restored or looking new?

What kind of parts I'll need to get this back to its former glory?

Also, whether I can get aftermarket decals to go back on the bike?

I've decided I want to keep those big lights on the bike, its really fitting with the aesthetic of the bike and I think they look really snazzy. I am going to change them over to a run off a battery though rather than the old school dynamo.

Any other suggestions, feedback etc. will be rrslly appriciated, I've only been up and down the road on it a few times but I think I might be a bit hooked on road biking 😅

Nice to meet you all
Thank you in advance


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