My Cove Stiffee FR


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I dont know if this is a let down, given the bikes purported original use, but its maybe steeped in my need for a bike to be of quality, and wear the 'mountain bike' badge along with the ability to live up to that name, to be up to the challenge, whatever that challenge need be, should it ever leave shopping duties and go back to riding gnar.
XL Cove stiffee FR - 2003(not sure)
RS Revelation 150mm fork2006(not sure) RS Stealth axle
Hope pro2 wheelset in gold on DT Swiss XR400 rims
Hope 70mm 0deg XC stem in gold
Hope 180/160 floating rotors in gold
Hope 31.8mm seat clamp in gold
Hope F20 pedals in gold
Shimano saint bb(it was gold :p)
Hope mono mini brakes(custom 'Andy' lever covers- yup, my name is Andy)
I have new gold levers and gold lever covers for the brakes, but i didnt want to to look to ostentatious( :LOL: )
Raceface bars 700mm
Raceface dh post-26.8mm
SDG Bel-air saddle
Shimano XT m750 9spd mechs and shifters
Sram X9 2spd cranks

All in all the bike and build has done well. The forks can handle anything i inadvertently ride into, the frame is indeed stiff, the brakes are powerful,despite their age and the 2x9 gearing is more than adequate.
Its a shame 26.8mm post means i cant fit a dropper, though for the riding i do on it, not sure that would help me any, and I dont think the frame was ever designed for a rack, but its got holes in the dropouts are just the right place to get a couple of bolts through and while not ideal have served their purpose.

All in all a nice bike to ride. It fits me well, is comfortable even on extended trips, and is nice i think to look at.
Set up currently with panniers, as its mainly used for commuting about and shopping trips.


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That looks nice, I like Cove bikes, that’s itching to be pointed down a trail and not touch the brakes.
Must be the earlier ones with that size seat tube, mine took a 27.2 post but I think was 2006/8 or something.


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Cracking looking bike. Here is mine. Been fun building it up during lockdown.


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Always liked a Cove. Used 26" Stiffees and Handjobs are really good value now